Lip Fillers

Refresh, not replace, your look with an expertly-done lip enhancement that aims to shape a better version of your lips.

20 minutes
Lip Fillers Injection At Skinscape Clinic

Some lips need subtle, natural-looking enhancement;  and lip fillers are a fast and effective solution for that. A touch of filler injected into the lips can create natural volume, correct asymmetry and even out lip shape. It can also boost hydration and elasticity of the lips.

Skinscape aims to sculpt a proportionate, natural-looking set of lips that will enhance the overall attractiveness of the face. Learn more here.

We use Restylane Kysse, a premium brand of fillers designed especially for the lips. It allows natural movement of lips and yields soft, kissable results, while enhancing colour and texture.

If you’re concerned about pain during treatment, you can rest assured that it will be a comfortable experience as we provide local anesthesia prior to treatment.

Lip fillers can be done in conjunction with neuromodulator injections at Skinscape to correct downturned mouths, gummy smile or to create the appearance of fuller lips without adding volume.

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