Dark Eye Circles Treatment

20 minutes

Dark eye circles are commonly caused by a combination of factors including:

  1. Vascular congestion and a network of blood vessels resulting in a darker skin appearance and puffiness
  2. Skin pigmentation, which may be genetic
  3. Collagen loss and thin skin, resulting in visible muscle hue
  4. Prominent eyebrow ridges, eyebags, or wrinkled skin produce a shadowing effect at the under eye area

A  personalised treatment plan will be recommended according to the actual condition of the dark eye circles after assessment by our doctor.

Skinscape takes a global approach to improving dark eye circles. A treatment plan for dark eye circles may include the following:

  1. Clarity 2 by Lutronic, a long-pulsed laser, to reduce vascular congestion by targeting deep superficial blood vessels and causing them to shrink.
  2. PicoPlus®, a picosecond laser, which is used in conjunction with the Clarity laser to treat surface and deeper pigmentation of the under eye area.
  3. Secret Duo Erbium Glass Laser to treat undereye wrinkles that cause a shadowing effect.
  4. Rejuran I which is injected to the undereye skin to improve collagen, improving skin thickness and firmness.
  5. Undereye threads to improve fine lines.
  6. Fillers to structurally improve eyebags or tear trough deformity, thereby reducing any shadowing effect.

This synergistic combination of treatments will effectively treat the multiple causes of dark eye circles, producing long-lasting results of brighter, fresher eyes.


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