Stretch Marks & Cellulite Treatment

Mild to moderate

Using the Secret Duo device, Skinscape effectively treats conditions with a fibrous pathology such as stretch marks and cellulite.

Stretch marks are fibrous scarring of the skin due to stretching and tearing of the dermis during rapid growth periods such as pregnancy. Cellulite is a disorder with irregular fibrous septae in the fat layer.

The Secret Duo uses dual non-ablative technologies of micro-needling radiofrequency and erbium glass laser to target these pathologies. Radiofrequency heat energy is delivered via partially insulated micro needles which penetrate the skin at specific depths. Non-ablative erbium glass laser is then used to transmit laser energy in columns into the skin’s surface.

This treatment can also be combined with collagen stimulators such as Radiesse to encourage more collagen growth. The Secret Duo treatment triggers new collagen and elastin synthesis as the skin begins to naturally repair the micro-injuries. As the new collagen fibers are produced, the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite will improve together with skin texture and tone.

Patients who have tried creams, topical medications, or other treatments which give poor results can try this treatment.


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