Laser Hair Removal (Clarity II™)

Remove unwanted hair effectively and permanently with the new Clarity Long-Pulsed Laser, the gold standard for hair removal.

1-3 days
Mild to moderate

Clarity Long-Pulsed Laser permanently gets rid of unwanted hair. When Clarity’s laser beam hits the melanin in hair follicles, it generates a reaction that destroys them. Over 3 to 6 treatments, the hairs grow back increasingly finer, until they cease growing altogether.

Clarity Long-pulsed Laser is one of the best lasers for laser hair removal because:

  1. All skin tones (light & dark) can be safely and effectively treated with its dual wavelength platform
  2. All hair colours can be targeted as long as it is darker than the surrounding skin
  3. The treatment process is comfortable because of its intelligent cooling mechanism, which instantly cools the treated skin
  4. Faster treatment time because of its adjustable spot size (laser projection) to target more hair follicles at once
  5. Fewer treatment sessions required to see results

This treatment is suitable for face, under arms, arms, back, chest, stomach, bikini line, brazilian and legs.


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