JuveLook Collagen Skinbooster

JuveLook is the latest collagen skinbooster from Korea to help you achieve long-term skin rejuvenation effects naturally.

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JuveLook is an injectable skinbooster that combines Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and Poly D-Lactic Acid (PDLA) to provide a dual effect of intense hydration and collagen synthesis.

JuveLook differs from traditional skinboosters because it contains a patented PDLA complex, which is a collagen stimulator. Other skinboosters have only HA as the main ingredient, to boost hydration in your skin.

When JuveLook is injected into your skin, the HA molecules instantly replenishes the moisture in your skin while the ultrafine PDLA molecules work with your body to stimulate fibroblast and induce collagen production.

Within a few days, you will notice the coveted skinbooster glow. Over the next few weeks, the collagen density in your skin will increase and your skin will visibly regain elasticity and smoothness. The result is natural and progressive skin rejuvenation that develops slowly over time.

The benefits of JuveLook are:

  • Increased hydration
  • Improved fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduced pore size
  • Improved acne scars
  • Improved skin elasticity and texture
  • Long-term skin rejuvenation

3 sessions of JuveLook over 3 months will gradually restore your skin’s firmness and smoothness, with results lasting up to 1.5 years.


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