Ultraformer 3G HIFU

Mild to moderate

The Ultraformer 3G HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) represents a third generation HIFU technology which uses ultrasound energy for non-surgical lifting of face and tightening of skin. The device delivers accurate beams of ultrasound energy to reach and heat deeper skin layers. This stimulates the production of collagen and elastin which ultimately improves skin tone and texture. The result is a facelift without surgery or downtime. The Ultraformer also targets the subcutaneous fat layer to trigger contraction and get rid of stubborn fat cells. This is effective for lower facelifts, neck tightening, and double chin and jowl reduction. The results from this treatment will be visible immediately after, with continuous improvement over the course of the next three to six months as the collagen production continues to progress and rejuvenate the skin during this time. One who is troubled by the signs of aging or skin laxity will greatly benefit from this treatment.

The Ultraformer 3G HIFU is a versatile machine which can also be used on the body to achieve slimmer contours. Cartridges which allow a deeper energy penetration can be attached for body treatment, allowing the device to get rid of stubborn fat in specific areas of the body to achieve one’s desired body profile. Fat cell debris targeted by the treatment are transferred through the body’s lymphatic system to the liver, and ultimately undergo natural disposal through the body’s metabolism. It is a safe, effective and non-invasive treatment to shape targeted regions of the body with no down-time and minimal risk of bruising and swelling.


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