Light Therapy (Healite II)

Light therapy or photobiomodulation is the therapeutic use of red, yellow and near-infrared light to promote skin rejuvenation and hair regrowth, speed up healing, enhance treatment results and more.

30 minutes
Red Light Therapy Skinscape Singapore

Healite II is one of the most advanced Light Emitting Diode (LED) photobiomodulation systems available. Its Optical Lens Array Technology harnesses the healing energy of 1,800 new generation LEDs for optimal therapeutic outcomes.

During the treatment, the LED lights are positioned over the target area. The light energy penetrates the skin and, depending on the wavelength used, also penetrates the tissue at different depths. The energy acts in the tissue on a cellular level and accelerates cell renewal, healing and tissue regeneration.


Light wavelengths and their uses

830nm/590nm – Near-Infrared & Yellow Light Therapy
Wound healing
Skin rejuvenation
Pain relief
Hair regrowth
Scar treatment

633nm – Red Light Therapy
Skin rejuvenation
Hair regrowth
Active acne


Healite II can be used as a standalone therapy or as an adjunctive post-treatment therapy. Light therapy can be done on face, hair and most body parts. The 30 minutes treatment is safe, comfortable and has no downtime.

Healite II’s 633nm Red Light is also incorporated as part of Skinscape’s Signature Medi-Facial for enhanced skin rejuvenation.


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