Kintaro® ExoScalp

This is a treatment rooted in regenerative medicine, a rapidly advancing field. It aims to nourish the scalp at a cellular level to promote healthy hair growth.

45 - 60 minutes
Mild to moderate
Exosome hair and scalp treatment at Skinscape Clinic

The human body is equipped to heal itself, and regenerative therapies, like exosome therapy and stem cell therapy, tap into this powerful ability.


What is exosome scalp and hair therapy?

Exosomes function as messengers between cells and this ability allows them to deliver instructions and material that are necessary for the body to repair itself.

When applied to the scalp, exosomes interact with skin and hair follicle cells to influence their behaviour. At the same time, they deliver therapeutic compounds to the target cells to promote scalp repair and hair follicle growth.

The Kintaro® Exosome Solution used in this treatment is made in Japan, by extracting from ethically sourced mesechymal stem cells. It is formulated with 80 valuable biological and chemical components which can revitalize scalp and regrow hair naturally.


Treatment method

The treatment begins with microneedling on the scalp to stimulate collagen production and promote blood flow and nutrient supply to your hair follicles. The Kintaro® Exosome Solution is then applied topically on the scalp. The microchannels created from microneedling allow the exosomes to penetrate the scalp effectively, maximising absorption.

A session of Healite II red-light therapy is included in the treatment to enhance scalp restoration and prolong hair growth cycle. Look forward also to a soothing 10-minute head massage.

The benefits of exosome treatment:

  • Promote hair follicle growth
  • Prolong growth cycle of hair
  • Protect hair follicles from damage
  • Thicker, fuller and shinier hair
  • Reduce inflammation in scalp, which can lead to hair loss
  • Improve scalp problems like dandruff



This treatment is suitable for men and women alike. It is ideal for people with thinning hair, receding hair line, excessive shedding or hair loss, androgenetic alopecia (male and female pattern balding) and those looking to proactively prevent hair loss.

The treatment is safe with little downtime, and can be repeated every 2 to 4 weeks.  Noticeable results can be seen after the second session.

We recommend combing this treatment with other hair growth modalities such as oral and topical medications (Propecia, Finasteride or Minoxidil which are available at the clinic as well), and supplementation of nutritional deficiencies (testing available).


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