Keratosis Pilaris Treatment

20 minutes

Keratosis Pilaris is a common genetic condition characterised by painless, dark-coloured bumps around the hair follicles on the skin. These bumps frequently appear on the upper arms but can occur anywhere on the body, including the face. They are unsightly, may occasionally itch, and can scar if picked or scratched.

Skinscape Clinic adopts a multifaceted approach to treating Keratosis Pilaris:

  • Clarity Long-Pulsed Laser effectively reduces the appearance of the bumps by breaking down excess keratin buildup
  • Long-Pulsed Laser also permanently eliminates the hair follicle associated with the keratin plug
  • PICO laser increases skin cellular turnover and removes pigmentation resulting from picking and scratching
  • Chemical peels are used to exfoliate and unclog the pores
  • Oral or topical medications such as retinoids or steroids may be prescribed to help with skin inflammation and turnover
  • Skincare and lifestyle advice will be provided to improve the appearance and manage the symptoms of Keratosis Pilaris

This combination of treatments reduce the bumpiness, pigmentation, itch, and general skin issues associated with Keratosis Pilaris. Skinscape Clinic offers personalised care and develops customised treatment plans tailored for individualised treatment of your Keratosis Pilaris.


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