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Beautiful, healthy skin has the qualities of tone, texture, moisture, firmness and smoothness. Skinscape has a thorough understanding of how beautiful skin is created with these qualities and a full suite of treatments to enhance each of them. We offer everything from specialised lasers to cosmetic injectables. No matter your age, skin condition or issue, you are bound to notice an improvement to your skin quality with our bespoke skin treatments.

Subtly tweak facial features to achieve beauty proportions appropriate for you. Be it correcting facial angles or restoring youthful looks lost due to aging, our non-surgical face contouring treatments have consistently delivered natural yet transformational results. The key to Skinscape’s excellent patient satisfaction is our expertise in understanding racial and cultural beauty standards and beauty trends, which are then incorporated into personalised treatments for you.

Many concentrate much of their anti-aging and rejuvenation efforts on the delicate eye area, and for good reason. The first wrinkles appear around the eyes, and eye bags and dark eye circles when formed can be difficult to mask. Skinscape offers effective solutions ranging from non-surgical eye bag reduction to specialised lasers and thread lifts for the complete peri-orbital rejuvenation.

Body care is just as important as skin care, and Skinscape has a full suite of solutions for an optimal body appearance. Treatments range from the effective removal of unwanted hair, stretch marks, tattoos and other body imperfections with specialised lasers to targeted fat loss and body contouring treatments that will complement any fitness regime and diet efforts.

A medi-facial at Skinscape is a luxurious and intentional act of self-care accessible to everyone. It is also the perfect complement to our medical aesthetic treatments. Our medi-facial promises results with the combination of medical-grade technology, meticulous consultation and the tenderness of the human touch. As we closely follow-up with your skin, the medi-facial can be customised to better suit your skin needs and produce lasting improvements to your skin quality.

Our skin does not exist in isolation to other body systems. At Skinscape, we investigate the intricate relationship between our skin and our mental, emotional, physical and nutritional well-being. Skinscape provides complementary and functional medicine therapies which we highly encourage each of you to discover.

Browse a series of tried-and-tested and results-driven combinations of Skinscape’s treatments conveniently bundled together to bring about the proper and complete resolution of your skin and health concerns.


The forehead is the largest part of the human face and is visible from afar. A mild convexity with the glabella as the most prominent and anterior part of the forehead is the global standard of forehead beauty.


Temple proportions can masculinise or feminise a face. Beautiful and full temples signify youth and vibrancy. Sunken temples can cause eyelids to droop, resulting in a tired and gaunt appearance.


Eyes are the gateway to your soul. Fresh and bright eyes help convey emotions and improve communication. Fresh eyes in all shapes can be beautiful, whether round, almond shaped, or downturned.


It’s all about angles and lines when it comes to the nose. The appropriate naso-labial and naso-frontal angles can complement your facial convexity and profile. Pay attention also to the bridge and alar width, as well as the curve from the orbital ridge for that ideal nose.


Defined cheek contours, an even skin tone, poreless smooth skin and appropriate volume, are true indicators of youth and beauty. They are however, difficult to maintain, and cheeks are where most problems lie.


Beautiful lips come in different shapes and sizes. Hydrated and pink lips are a sign of good health. Adequate volume, with an appropriate upper and lower lip ratio, a defined vermillion border, and prominent tubercles/philtral columns are features of a perfect pout.


The correct chin length and forward projection can improve the overall attractiveness of a face. An ideal chin takes into account facial proportions, symmetry, and contours for natural and harmonious results.



A defined and smooth jawline gives a sharp first impression. Anything less signifies aging, fatigue, and poor health.

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