Long-Pulsed Clarity II™ Laser

Lutronic’s Clarity II™ laser is a versatile treatment as it can treat a wide range of skin issues and rejuvenate skin at the same time. It is effective for active acne, acne marks, sunspots, birthmarks, veins, skin redness, hair removal and more. 

20 minutes
Clarity II Laser performed in Skinscape

Clarity II is a high-powered, dual wavelength platform combining long-pulsed 755 nm Alexandrite and 1064 nm Nd:YAG lasers.

Clarity II™’s dual laser platform allows several modes of treatment which can:

  1. Treat all types of pigmentation including acne marks, melasma, sunspots, freckles and birthmarks
  2. Reduce skin redness, facial flushing and rosacea through dermal remodelling
  3. Treat vascular lesions such as cherry angioma and spider veins by coagulating and shrinking blood vessels
  4. Induce dermal rejuvenation to improve skin tone, texture and fine wrinkles
  5. Stimulate collagen production for skin tightening and rejuvenation
  6. Clear active acne by reducing sebum production and inflammation
  7. Destroy hair follicles permanently

The treatment modes used during each session will be tailored according to your skin concerns.

Clarity II is a gentle and effective laser treatment and is suitable for all skin types. Its in-built cooling device also ensures optimal comfort for your skin during treatment.


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