Skinscape Signature Medi-Facial

Elevate your skincare routine with Skinscape’s signature facial treatment which combines the best of medical-grade facial technologies.

90 minutes

A luxurious ritual for all skin types that reinforces self-care and mindfulness. A Skinscape Signature Medi-Facial always begins with being grounded and inhaling our specially curated aromatherapy scents with a focus on the breath.

The facial then proceeds to an exquisitely designed medical protocol suitable for all skin types. We combine bioexfoliation, hydrodermabrasion, extraction, electroporation and low level laser therapy (LLLT) to deeply cleanse, hydrate, rejuvenate and calm the skin.

Everything about the facial is customisable within protocols by our in-house therapists to best suit the needs of our patient’s skin. These customisable steps include the length of each treatment segment, the intensity of the energy-based treatments, and the type of serums to apply or penetrate using the medical grade electroporation system. There are also options to add on a peel, HIFU or radiofrequency energy to build on to your customised facial.

At Skinscape, our therapists build relationships with their patients and understand their patient’s skin needs, providing individualised facials every single session.


Facial steps:

① Aromatherapy

② Double cleanse

③ Bioexfoliation

④ DermaClear® hydradermabrasion

⑤ Manual extraction

⑥ DermoElectroPoration® with bespoke serum

⑦ Healite® LED light therapy

⑧ Customised mask

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