Double Chin Fat Reduction (Secret Duo)

Secret Duo cannula double chin radiofrequency is an effective technique of double chin fat removal and facial contouring.

2 weeks
45 minutes
Mild to moderate

The treatment involves passing a blunt-tip cannula into skin via small puncture holes to precisely transmit monopolar radiofrequency heat energy to targeted fat tissue.

The fat cells will then be broken down via lipolysis, or undergo  “apoptosis” – natural cell death and its content is digested by the macrophages, cleared through the lymphatic system and processed as waste in the liver.

A blunt-tip cannula is used and there are less puncture holes, therefore less downtime compared to other targeted radiofrequency fat removal treatments which use sharp needles and require multiple puncture holes.

Patients who have tried other techniques of double chin or fat removal for the face with poor results can consider this facial contouring technique.


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