Comprehensive Acne Scar Program

Effectively treat all types of atrophic acne scarring with a treatment program designed by doctor and customised for you.


The Skinscape Comprehensive Acne Scar Program combines multiple modalities of acne treatment over several sessions to target all types of atrophic acne scarring. Ice pick scars, box scars and rolling scars can all be effectively treated.

You can expect substantial improvement to acne scars and skin quality at the end of the program, no matter the severity and age of the acne scars. 

As part of the Comprehensive Acne Scar Program which will be personalised for you,

  1. TCA cross is used to treat deep ice pick scars. 
  2. Subcision is used to break up fibrous bands tethering deeper scars. 
  3. Rejuran S is injected to reduce redness and atrophic scarring. 
  4. The Secret Duo Micro-Needling with Erbium Glass Laser Treatment is used to effectively treat both deep and superficial scars with its dual non-ablative technology. 
  5. Pico fractional laser is also used to smoothen skin texture and treat smaller scars. 

This combination of treatment modalities result in effective skin remodelling and neocollagenesis, smoothing out the appearance of all atrophic acne scars. Our patients have all been immensely satisfied with the improvements to their acne scars and skin quality. 


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