Eyebag Reduction (Secret Duo)

Secret Duo eyebag reduction is an effective technique of minimally invasive non-surgical eyebag treatment.

2 weeks
45 minutes
Mild to moderate

Eyebags occur as we age and structural support of the tissues weaken around the eyes, causing the fat below the eyes to bulge out. Secret Duo cannula eyebag radiofrequency is a safe and advanced technique which is able to remove eyebags and rejuvenate the eyes.

A blunt-tip cannula enters the skin via a small puncture hole and is directed to transmit monopolar radiofrequency heat energy to the bulging undereye fat. The fat cells will then be broken down via lipolysis, or undergo  “apoptosis” – natural cell death and its content digested by the macrophages, cleared through the lymphatic system and processed as waste in the liver.

As the undereye area is very vascular, the cannula technique ensures less downtime as it is blunt-tipped and uses less puncture holes compared to other eyebag treatments.

Skinscape uses the Secret Duo’s dual non-ablative technology of Radio-frequency and Erbium Glass Laser to simultaneously tighten  and achieve maximal tightening of loose eyebag skin. This ensures the optimal results of the eyebag reduction treatment.


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