Clatuu Alpha Fat Freezing

Clatuu Alpha is a body contouring treatment that uses an advanced fat freezing technology. It effectively eliminates fat bulges on the body that do not respond to exercise and proper diet.

Up to 2 weeks
60 minutes

Clatuu Alpha is a safe and non-invasive cryolipolysis or fat freeze treatment for body contouring and fat reduction. Its 360° Surround Cooling Technology and precisely-designed applicators fit all curves and contours to allow targeted treatment of stubborn fat in most parts of the body.

During the 1 hour treatment, the applicator suctions the skin and subcutaneous layers of fat. It then freezes the fat deposits at a controlled temperate range of +5 to -5 degrees Celsius to induce apoptosis (fat cell death). Other tissues such as skin, nerve and blood vessels will not be damaged.

After the treatment, the fat cells are naturally metabolised and excreted by the body, permanently removing the treated fat cells. This process occurs over the next three months, after which the results will be visible. The same area can be re-treated 4 to 6 weeks after the initial treatment to enhance the results.

You can target double chin, armpit fat, back, flanks, love handles, tummy, thighs and knees with this versatile treatment.


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