Microneedling RF & Vitamin C Infusion

Secret Duo Microneedling RF with Vitamin C Infusion is a 2-step treatment developed in-house to brighten and rejuvenate aging and pigmented skin.

1 day
45 minutes
Electroporation Skinscape

First, micro-needling Radio-Frequency (RF) with Secret Duo is used to gently stimulate and improve the skin’s basement membrane and quality, which is frequently impaired in skin with melasma and other types of pigmentation. This process also stimulates collagen growth, improving fine lines, pores, skin laxity and quality.

Second, Vitamin C and a custom blend of brightening and regenerative ingredients are infused into the skin using electroporation. The micro-needling process in the first step creates micro-channels which also facilitate the delivery of ingredients into the skin. Vitamin C is chosen as the key active ingredient as it protects the skin and repairs oxidative damage from the sun and the environment. It also enhances collagen synthesis and lightens pigmentation.

This specialised treatment which combines micro-needling RF and Vitamin C infusion was developed in-house specifically for patients with sensitive skin and persistent pigmentation or melasma. It is a gentle alternative to laser treatments, which can cause dryness for certain skin types. This treatment will improve pigmentation, brighten and rejuvenate dull and aging skin.


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