Pico Laser Rejuvenation (Lutronic Picoplus)

PicoPlus® is the next generation of Q-switched picosecond laser from Lutronic which fires in picosecond pulses, the quickest of all medical lasers.

2-4 days
20 minutes

PicoPlus® is effective for the removal of all types of pigmentation and skin rejuvenation. It is used as one of the steps in our Signature Skinscape Combination Laser-Peel treatment targeting all skin concerns for total facial improvement.

With its 450 picosecond technology, it is able to deliver a larger amount of energy in a shorter time, resulting in

  1. A greater photo-acoustic effect on pigments (shattering them into smaller fragments)
  2. A greater effect on collagen and scar tissue (inducing optical breakdown)
  3. Lesser photo-thermal effect (less heat and side effects)

Skinscape clinic uses PicoPlus® to provide the treatment versatility needed, in terms of precision, wavelengths and pulse control, to achieve the aesthetic goals of all our patients.


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