Microneedling RF & Erbium Glass Laser (Secret Duo)

Experience greater skin rejuvenation with lesser downtime and side effects with the Secret Duo treatment which combines micro-needle Radio-Frequency and Erbium Glass Laser.

This treatment is recommended for acne scarring, deep wrinkles and skin tightening.

2-4 days
30 minutes
Mild to moderate

Secret Duo is one of few devices in the market that offers dual non-ablative technologies that work in total synergy. A micro-needling bipolar Radio-Frequency (RF) technology and the Erbium Glass fractional non-ablative laser are combined for a unique treatment protocol.

The micro-needle RF technology delivers precisely controlled RF energy to selectively adjusted depths via its finest medical grade needles to increase treatment efficacy. In tandem, the Erbium Glass fractional laser delivers laser beams in multiple columns in the dermis, which will induce heat and dermal collagen remodelling with no ablative effect on epidermis.

Microneedling also creates micro-channels in the skin, to which serums can be applied after for maximum absorption.

This gentle dual-modality resurfacing process delivers more efficient clinical results for skin tightening, lifting, and acne scars, allowing faster recovery and lower incidences of post-procedural side effects. Skinscape is one of the select few clinics in Singapore with this exceptional device.



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