Threadlift Under Eyes & Brows

Rejuvenate your eyes with bio-compatible threads that lift, contour, and regenerate.

30 minutes
Mild to moderate

Eye bags, dark circles and skin laxity in the delicate area under the eyes can be treated quickly and effectively with bio-compatible threads. The threads when gently inserted under the skin will instantly tighten and lift the undereye area. These threads will also progressively over the next few months rejuvenate and recontour the under eye area by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin at a cellular level.

Threads inserted in the forehead can also be used to lift descended brows which cause hooded top eyelids and horizontal lines. This can be combined with forehead fillers or wrinkle reducers to potentiate the lifting effect.

Threadlift is an alternative to surgery without the prolonged recovery process and lesser side effects as the bio-compatible threads will naturally be absorbed into the body over time. The results of the procedure typically last for one to two years.


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