Skinscape Heal + Restore Mask

A Recovery Mask That Can Optimise Your Treatment Results

Our Heal + Restore sheet mask is designed to bring our “cleanical” aftercare to your home

More of us are accepting of more invasive treatments which naturally come with more downtime. With longer downtime, treatment aftercare becomes even more crucial. With that in mind, we have specially designed a facial sheet mask that allows you to bring our clinical care into the comfort of your home après treatment.

Many aesthetic treatments are based on the concept of creating micro-injury to the skin, which triggers the body’s natural healing response to repair itself. The healing process reverses the signs of aging by stimulating collagen growth and producing a tightening effect on skin.

How well the skin repairs itself post-treatment is influenced by the environment in which it is given to repair. This is where aftercare plays an important role. Proper aftercare provides the skin with the essential ingredients and optimum conditions to form new and younger tissue.

Skinscape Heal + Restore Mask BM

Each ingredient in the Heal + Restore mask has been thoughtfully included to support the skin’s healing process and revitalise the skin. These are the main ingredients and their functions:


Plant stem cells
A botanical blend of rose, chrysanthemum, thyme and apple stem cells are extracted for their strong anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidation effects to reduce redness, soothe irritation and sensitivity and protect our skin from environmental stressors.

Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF)
EGF is one of the most important growth factor proteins in our skin. Its main function is to heal our skin by stimulating the growth of new cells. This in turn enhances our skin barrier which allows our skin to hold on to moisture better. It also inhibits melanin production during the healing process, preventing pigmentation.

Adenosine, a molecule naturally present in our body, soothes skin by modulating the body’s inflammatory responses. It also has healing properties which speed up wound recovery and support the natural functioning of our skin.

Peptides are amino acids that make up proteins needed by our skin. They rebuild and repair damaged cells, and signal our skin to produce more collagen and elastin.

Niacinamide is a form of Vitamin B3 and has a plethora of skin-loving benefits. It is included in the mask for its anti-inflammatory function and ability to reinforce our skin barrier and preserve hydration.


In short, the Heal + Restore mask is proper aftercare for your healing skin. The mask fabric is made of natural fibres, known as bio-cellulose, which is also used as medical wound dressing. The Heal + Restore bio-cellulose mask functions like an occlusive dressing; providing immediate, cooling relief to all parts of your face while delivering the skin-reparative ingredients deep into your skin. It is exactly what your skin needs post-treatment.

Heal + Restore mask is clinically formulated without toxic ingredients, according to Skinscape’s vision of “cleanical” skin care that is safe and delivers results. As a soothing recovery mask, it should be used once a day for 3 days post-treatment. As part of your regular skin maintenance, it can be used once or twice a week for best results, and definitely before a big event.

The Heal + Restore mask (3 sheets in a box) is available for purchase at Skinscape Clinic for $80 + gst.

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